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Likewise, "Forward" lands more heavily now that President Obama's hanging his campaign off those two syllables.

And "47 percent" certainly won't be a bland figure for a while.

What exactly happens to words and phrases when a candidate, media sector or corporation—or even an individual—seizes upon them for their own purposes?

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[MUSIC] Hi this is Charreah Jackson, Essence Magazine's relationships editor, and you are watching Ask A Brother. It's all about swag and, and, and for me, since a young age, I've always, you know, wanted to be on my A-game when it comes to that. Or someone who is relevant So what do you feel you're sexiest when you're wearing? Three of Rugg's alphabetically altered newspaper front pages greet visitors at the museum's information desk.A floating wall in the main gallery immediately presents a Kruger poster reading "You rule by pathetic display" overtop an image of a knife cleaving a stream of water.Today we have a very juicy celeb exclusive, none other than NFL superstar Mr. [INAUDIBLE] He is joining us, Essence, with a very juicy exclusive that he is the new face of, what? Absolutely, yeah, hot new cologne that you will want to get for your man, if you haven't already gotten it already. Not only the perfect match, so have you always been a man who's locked in a good cologne? Growing up in Atlanta, I've always had some type of. I'm from Atlanta, can have a, a mix of some flashy. Man, I don't know if I'm the person you supposed to be ask, answering that question Well you know, we all have that moment where you're looking in the mirror and you're like I look good right now Well I can tell you this. [NOISE] Alright, now go ahead and lay them out, that's my freshness right there.

It's not a specific style because I always want to be labeled as something. I think for me it's always, or for others, it's trying to do too much. You could be watching a basketball, football, baseball game. No matter how, what you're doing or how you're doing it. What are the qualities for a woman you would bring home to meet your mom?

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